Powerful. Accessible. Maintainable. The SF State Web Template Program offers developers templates, tools and resources for creating and updating University websites toward the goal of greater consistency, better branding and increased user satisfaction. The template utilizes the Drupal content management system for the Web, built on an open source application framework. It allows for the creation of sites based on templates and allows individuals (with access) to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content. If your unit's website is not already in the SF State Drupal content management system administered by Information Technology Services (ITS), contact  Drupal Support to arrange a transfer of your site to the ITS-managed Drupal system.

The University does not support other systems for building and maintaining websites.

Project Purpose and Scope

The Web template program offers page templates for creating or updating SF State sites in a variety of hosting and publishing environments. The template program:

  • Locks in required branding and global navigation elements
  • Provides an overall look and feel with a variety of schemes for site-specific identity and navigation
  • Offers flexibility for different types, amounts and depths of content
  • Uses accessible, standards-based markup and code along with the application of best practices for usability
  • Separates presentation and content using HTML5 and CSS to allow for global modifications to presentation and style without altering content
  • Ensures extensibility -- the provision for future change while minimizing impact to existing systems
  • Version 2.0 , released in October 2014, is device-responsive and allows increased flexibility in:
    • column widths and display of photographs
    • font choices
    • navigation display